Cleveland Darter Club Documents
Below you'll find forms and other sorts of documentation that are referenced and/or utilized throughout our Club. 

Feel free to reference them or print them for use within our Club.

Club Documents

  • CDC By-Laws
    • The CDC By-Laws Are Governed By The BOD and approved changes are conducted through yearly membership meetings.
    • Last Updated: 2016-09-05
  • CDC Job Responsibilities
    • These are the basic responsibilities of different volunteer, committee, and BOD roles within our Club.
    • Last Updated: ?

Membership Forms and Documents

These forms are for manual membership renewal.
(You have to send these forms in. You can activate you membership right online, Click Here!)
  • Fill & Print Form
    • You can use this form to fill-out by typing into the fields then save locally, print, then mail.
  • Print Forms
    • These are the standard printable forms.

League Info / Scoresheets / General Forms

  • CDC League Rules
    • These are the updated rules for the current session as defined by the League Rules, Grievance, and Sanctioning Committee
    • Last Updated: 10/12/2017
  • Team Registration Form
    • **Remember During Active Registration Time Periods, You Can Now Register Your Team Online!**
  • Captain's Log
  • Write-up Log
  • Grievance Form
    • Have an issue with a match or an overall ruling?  Here's the process...
      • Email with the details and allow a ruling to be made.
      • If the ruling doesn't meet your needs, then file this form in the specified time-period.
      • Once ruling committee has made a ruling it can only be over-turned by a large majority of the seated CDC Board of Directors.
    • League Night Score Sheets...

Tavern Forms

General Reference

  • 10 Commandments of Score-Keeping
    • New to darting?  Ok... maybe not BUT members respect the sport of darting at the highest level... even respecting some of the oldest traditions and best courtesy.
    • Make sure you read this before grabbing "the chalk".

Copyright (©) restrictions on use of these forms.
These forms are NOT public domain and carry complete copyright of the Cleveland Darter Club (est. 1969 - registered 1974 with Ohio Secretary of State Registrar).  They are to be used for promotion of darts and the darting community and reproduction or any utilization outside of normal operations of the CDC without prior written permission of active majority CDC Board of Directors is prohibited.