Cleveland Darter Club Officers
The Cleveland Darter Club has strived throughout the years with hard work from it's members and even more so through dedicated efforts from leaders that step forward each year.

The Board of Directors (BOD) consists of members like you that take time to better the sport and keep the CDC in the top working condition throughout the region.  Much thanks is given to them for all the hard work.

CDC BOD Meeting(s) Are Scheduled On Our Calendar
(Please Feel Free To Attend)

CDC Calendar Of Events
CDC Board of Director Meetings Are Held At:
Panera Bread (Tiedeman Rd., Cleveland, OH) unless otherwise noted.
Agenda items MUST be emailed to
Meetings Start 10:00 a.m. promptly
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2017/2018 BOD Members And Committee Chairperson(s)
President: Annie Villnuve
Vice President / Elections Chairman: Brian Beach
Treasurer / Finance Chairman: Jeff Inman
Recording Secretary Jennifer Weiss
BOD Members At Large:  Sharon Galinac
Melissa Hess
Robert Kozlowski
Jon Molnar
Chris Sullivan
Grievances, League Rules, Sanctioning: Brian Beach
Trails Chairperson: Sharon Galinac
All Star Chairperson: Brian Plum / Brian Beach
ADO Representative: Sarah Tomenak
Inventory and Engineering: Chris Russano
Public Relations & Communications: Jon Molnar / Melissa Hess
Information Technology: Eric Belloma
Extravaganza Committee: Sue Russano
Hall of Fame Committee: Dave Daeer / Robert Kozlowski
League Manager: RE Operations (Rose Scott, Eric Belloma)
Youth Darts: Tiffany Nieman
Mission Statement From 2017/2018 Officers and BOD Members...

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As always, the CDC and its partners are aimed at "Promoting the Ancient and Honorable Sport of Darts"