Cleveland Darter Club Payments
Making Payments On Behalf Of Yourself, Players, Friends, or Your Team Is Easy!
The CDC Has Aligned With To Ensure Safe And Secure Transactions. Upon Successful Transaction, You Will Receive Email Confirmations Of Your Payments Directly From PayPal Which You Can Save For Your Records.

Summer 2018 Promo In Effect!
Summer Membership of $25 gets you SUMMER 2018 Session and ALL 2018/19 Seasons!

Individual Annual Membership Payments

Pay MY Membership (Immediate Activation)
  • Use This Option To Pay YOUR Membership. This Activates Your Membership IMMEDIATELY!
  • This is only required ONCE a year and gets you access to all programs we offer!
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Pay A FRIEND'S Membership (Immediate Activation)
  • Use This Option To Pay A FRIEND or TEAMMATE'S Membership. This Activates Their Membership IMMEDIATELY!
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Mail A Membership (Slowest Method)
  • This is another fashion to pay the $20 annual membership, but it is the SLOWEST and of course NOT AUTOMATIC because someone has to receive the payment and process the handling of the record manually.
  • Again, while this is an avenue to submit your membership it is NOT IMMEDIATE so please be patient while being processed. This method could take up to 2 weeks to process.
    Cleveland Darter Club (Individual Membership)
    P.O. Box 30615, Middleburg Hts., OH 44130
    **Must Include Signed Membership Form**
    (Found Here)

Affiliate Tavern Sponsorship/Affiliate Fee

  • This fee is for any sponsoring location.
  • This is a yearly fee for the affiliate for advertising and sanctioning requirements to host trails and/or league matches in the establishment.
  • Cost is ONLY $40.00 for a year!
  • Your Name and CDC # (if applicable):

    Affiliate Tavern Location Name:

League Team Registration And Session Fees

This is the area where you can make payments for your team's $15.00 registration fee and the team's $252.00 team fee.  For accounting purposes we ask that you make payments in increments that are easy to manage for the League Directors and Treasurer (all at once is ideal, but we understand not always achievable).
Your Name and CDC # (if applicable):
Team Name & Division Code:
Payment Amount